Are white walls, kitchens and exteriors still in style for 2024?

Are white walls for interiors still in style for 2024? What about white kitchens? Are white house exteriors still popular for 2024?

It depends. Its complicated. Some white paints colors are still trending for 2024 whereas others are out. Let’s break that down!

Is the all white house interior still in style?

Early in 2020, we were fed up with all gray interiors, so we switched to all white interiors. lol. Looking back at it, that doesn’t make any sense at all. All white interiors, white walls, white furniture and white home décor took over from the all gray trend that dominated in the last decade. But after we all had to stay at home 7/24 during the pandemic, we once again, pushed away the all white trend for warmer colors on our walls, and for our furniture. We turned to off white walls, also known as warm white, and gasp, we even started to add bold warm colors in our home!

What color of white is trendy for white walls for 2024?

Fortunately, we have moved away from the sterile look of all cool white interiors. It was too institutionalized. I’m not sure why we ever thought that we would sustain that look. We still see white but the cool white is out. Yes! I repeat the cool whites are out and have been taken over by the warm whites, and even beiges. They are more inviting and exude warmth.


Photo: Benjamin Moore

We’re seeing warm white in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens as well.


Photo: Sherwin Williams

A warm white in the bedroom, like Sherwin William’s top selling Alabaster is cozy and inviting!

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Pure white walls are out for 2024!

Even though the cool whites are out, there are exceptions to that rule. If you have white fixed elements in your home, like white countertops, white backsplashes etc., a cool white might be your best option for you. Or you could pick a different color other than white. I can help you pick an alternative color with my online color consults here.

Are white kitchens in style for 2024?


White kitchens are always a classic but the cool white kitchens are out for 2024. We will be seeing warm white kitchens for 2024 as we embrace warmer interiors. These warm whites will be taking over in popularity with warm backsplashes and countertops to complete the look.


Photo: Rowes Purling Paint Company

Warm whites like Benjamin Moore White Dove above, and even light beiges are trending for kitchen cabinets in 2024.

What trim, door & ceiling color goes with warm white walls?

Depending on the shade of white that you choose, you can use the same warm white for your walls but a different sheen. Or you can choose one of my white paint color recommendations listed below.

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Are white house exteriors in style for 2024?


Photo: Becky Owens

The black and white trend that has dominated this past decade is out! Yeah!!! We are still seeing white but once again, its the warm whites and light beiges that are taking over. Isn’t this house dreamy above?


This warm white is gorgeous with the wood deck. Its warm, inviting and contemporary. I predict we are going to see more of these warm exteriors taking over from the black and white trend. Isn’t this gorgeous?

I came across this question on Facebook BUT what really stood out to me how this one reader found the term “dated” offensive to her when people were commenting on a picture of her home. As I’ve spent the last two months engrossed in learning and writing about the newest and greatest design trends for this year, I was surprised that some people found the term “dated” offensive. After all, I make my living advising people how to update their space and add value to their home. I also, mentally went through my mind, searching how often I throw the term “dated” around and wondered how many people I have offended. Insert YIKES!!!


But just because a style or color is trending doesn’t mean its the best fit for your home.

Do You hate the color of your home? Do you hate how a room in your house looks right now? Does picking out a paint color overwhelm you?


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