2024 Exterior House Paint Color Trends

2024 exterior house paint color trends are here. Exterior house paint color trends come and go just like any other trends. Most exterior trends tend to last around 10 years before we get bored of it and move onto the next trend. For the last number of years, we have seen the black on black trend. Black windows and black exteriors. It seems to still be trending, but I predict, that the black exterior trend is waning as we see other trends start to take hold. We’ve also seen alot of the black + white trend. While we’re still seeing bold colors, we’re starting to lean into earthier warmer colors and I think we will see that in our exterior paint colors as well.

Are these colors going to be around for 2024?

The Black on Black House Exterior Trend


The black on black trend has been trending for quite a few years. It still seems to be popular but we’re starting to see earthier colors as well. This popular black on black trend, black exterior and black windows, may be nearing the last few years of its run. Something definitely to think about if you’re considering this one for your exterior.

Photo: Contemporist

Black and White House Exterior Trend


Photo: TheCurbAppealco

Similarly, the white + black exterior trend has been very popular over the last number of years. But design trends are just that. Trends. We’re seeing warm whites & creams taking over from the pure white look for exteriors. Again, we may be nearing the end to this trend. Something to mull over if you’re considering this trend as well. Also if you’re considering selling your house within the next few years, you don’t want to paint your house a color that is on its way out.

Warm Whites and Creams Exteriors


Photo: Becky Owens


Photo: Bardwell Homes

Beige Exteriors

As we move into warmer and softer colors, we are seeing that emerge for our exteriors as well, as beige is no exception. Beige is fast becoming the number #1 pick color chosen for our exteriors, so why would we not expect to see the same for our exteriors as well?



This home above is warm and inviting. The black front door, garage door and window trims gives this home some lovely drama as well. Its a head turner for sure! Notice the cute black rocking chairs on the front porch to top off the look!

Consider Your Neighborhood’s Style

When choosing a color for your exterior, pick colors that complement your neighborhood, but don’t copy them. Drive around your neighborhood and see which colors your neighbors have chosen. Avoid using those shades because you don’t want every house on the street to look the same. It devalues a neighborhood! Instead, choose colors that complements what your neighborhood is doing. Likewise, choose colors that are fitting with your neighborhood. If you live in a high-end contemporary neighborhood, for example, a coastal blue color may be too different in the area.

Green Exteriors

This next color surprises me as a trending exterior paint color for 2024. But then, I was really surprised when I saw green kitchens starting to trend. I never thought green kitchens would be a thing but here we are and 3 years later, green kitchens are still going strong. The trending green seems to be sage green which is a beautiful green gray combination and blends beautiful with nature. Sage green was thrusted on the scene when Benjamin Moore announced October Mist as their Color of the Year 2021, and Sherwin Williams announced Evergreen Fog as their Color of the Year 2022, a year later.


Photo: Benjamin Moore


Photo: Pinterest


Gray Exteriors

Gray exteriors have been trending for quite a while a it doesn’t look like this trend is going to let up any time soon. We see both ends of the spectrum from dark gray, also known as charcoal gray, to light gray and everything in between.


Photo: Life On Summerhill


Photo: mindfullygray.com

This home above looks lovely with a lighter shade of gray popped with a black door, black shutters, and white trim.

Blue Exteriors

Blue exteriors were very popular in coastal, lake homes but we saw these beautiful coastal blue colors being replaced by the black on black trend. But blue exteriors are making a comeback. Hopefully you’ll see a comeback in blue exteriors for coastal homes. I’m speculating that you will also see blue in warmer clients. Personally, I love blue house exteriors. They’re relaxing and calm. Navy blue exteriors are always a classic. But watch out for slate blue aka blue-gray homes also as I think you may see an uptick in these beautiful shades.


Photo: Pinterest


Photo: Benjamin Moore

We are going to see more beautiful blue-grays house exteriors as we have enjoyed these colors for our interiors, we are now bringing them outside.

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exterior-paint- color-palette-add-value-to-your-home-debi-collinson

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Wood Exteriors

As we turn to warmer colors, both in our interiors and exteriors, we are going to see more natural wood as accents. We have started to see that trend in the last couple of years, but its going to continue.


One place that I love seeing wood is a matching wood front door and wood garage door combination. Time will tell if we start to see that in a big way next year.

Wood front doors and garage doors can look amazing on the right house. Real wood doors are more maintenance then a regular door because they need to be treated to withstand the elements, but are well worth it. If you’re a good DIYer, there’s an increasing number of natural wood paint kits out there for those do it yourselfers.

Black windows + Black accents


Photo: LizMarieBlog.com

Since so many homeowners have opted for black windows over this past decade, I don’t see the black windows disappearing any time soon. But what we will likely see for 2024, are these black windows being accentuated with black trim and black accents. How gorgeous is this home above?

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  1. I need help!! My husband picked out a medium dark roof with black gutters.
    My house is yellow with white shutters. I’m wanting to change the color of the house. I picked out Repose grey but sometimes it looks purple undertones in bright sun. I would love to send you pictures of the house and maybe get another input. We are getting the house painted the end of April. Looking forward to your opinions. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kathy – I would love to help you with this. When picking a house color you need to look at all the elements in your exterior. Is there stone or brick in your exterior? Front door, garage doors and trim colors all impact the house exterior as well in addition to your roof color of course. Here’s the link to my exterior paint color consult. Once I receive your order, I will send you a questionnaire including the pictures I need from you etc. I look forward to working with you. https://addvaluetoyourhome.shop/products/exterior-paint-color-palette-online-consult

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