River House Dining Room Makeover – Mood Board

It’s the One Room Challenge! And I’m back!!!For those of you that are new to the One Room Challenge, its a bi-annual design challenge where designers from around the world completely transform one room in a mere eight weeks! This is my 7th time participating and I’m stoked!!! I think I’m better organized this time since 7th time is a charm. LOL.🙂 Follow me to find out!

River House Dining Room Makeover Needs an Update ASAP

This room has one of the best views in our river house. We live in a 1950’s bungalow on the river where there has been two major renovations to the house over the years. The house was previously owned by a couple who rented the home out for over 10 years so the house has been challenged and neglected needless to say.

Every. Single. Room. in the house needs updating. Hubs & I have gone back and forth, and back and forth on which room to do. Its funny, because alot of people ask me when you buy a fixer upper, which area should you do first and I can usually help them narrow it down and give them a relatively quick answer. But this one is different because this one is our forever home. We’re not flipping this one!!!

We have settled on the dining room because we want to entertain, we want to create a stunning retreat and it has one of the best views in the house:

View from our dining room:


Isn’t this view stunning? This is why its worth fixing up this 1050s river house fixer upper.

The dreaded AND embarrassing before pictures:


This room was a bedroom in the original bungalow. It is a tad small for the dining room, but it can seat 6 people and you have the front area where the accent chairs are for two more people.

Our son doesn’t normally have his computer on the dining room table but we received 4″ of water in our basement over the week-end due to extensive rain. So he had to move his stuff upstairs. Stay tuned for the Fall ’23 One Room Challenge were we will tackle the basement. lol


The other side of the dining room. The wood sideboard is my hubs cabinet that has been in the family for years so its needs styling of course, and its going to get a paint job.


A close up of the chandelier that is on its last legs and the seating area. The seating area is a nice spot to have your morning coffee.


This wine rack is my inspiration piece for the colors of the room. I will be taking each of the colors and using them throughout the space. The dark blue will be an accent wall, the aqua will be used for the sideboard, and the mid-blue will be used on the dining room chairs. I will hopefully be able to sand the table back to its original wood and stain it. Fingers crossed! ✌🏻

My River House Dining Room Design:


As with ANY room makeover, I ALWAYS start with a mood board.

Here’s my long to-do list over the next 8 weeks:

  • Change location of light fixture & hang new one
  • Accent wall – molding + moody blue paint
  • Sand|stain dining room table
  • DIY dining room chairs – sand|paint
  • Paint sideboard
  • DIY spool side table
  • Purchase accent chairs
  • Panel ceiling
  • Hang ceiling light
  • Pictures for gallery wall

Read why you should always start a room design with a mood board here.

Be sure to follow all my updates. Its going to be a fun 8 weeks!!!

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  1. I’m so excited to see what you have in store for the final transformation of your river house dining room. What a fabulous view you have!

    1. Hey Julie – thanks for your comment! Yes the view is stunning!!! I need to make our house match our view lol. That’s what happens when you buy a fixer upper. LOTS of opportunity. I peeked at your project. That’s a GREAT idea. I have a son with sensory issues so its great you’re bringing this need to the spotlight! Have fun! Can’t wait to see your progress as well.

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