2024 Dining Room Paint Color Trends

The paint color of any room sets the mood or tone of the room. This is exemplified when you have a medium to dark toned color in your room vs a lighter neutral. One room that I absolutely love color in, is your dining room. Color dictates the mood of the room.

Navy blue has been one of the most popular dining room colors for years, but while, still popular, other colors are taking over. Many different shades of blue-gray, also called, Slate Blue are becoming very popular for 2024.

Sage green has become very popular when BOTH Sherwin Williams named their Colors of the Year a shade of green. Sherwin Williams announced Evergreen Fog their Color of the Year 2022 and Benjamin Moore quickly followed by naming October Mist their Color of the Year 2022. Since their announcements, over the past couple of years, many different shades of sage green have been used in decorating in many rooms.

Sage green is an earthly muted shade of green + gray. Its the perfect marriage of these two colors and its crazy versatile. Its relaxing and sets Depending on the shade and intensity, sage green can be used in any room or exterior. Its just a matter of finding the right color for your space. Its becoming very popular for dining room paint color picks because its makes a very relaxing and elegant statement.

If you want dramatic and moody, then darker colors like black, dark greens and dark gray are the current trending dark & moody dining room colors.

Should the Dining Room and Living Room be the same paint color?

If your dining room is in a separate room, it doesn’t need to have doors, it can be an open walkway, then having the dining room a separate color from the main part of the house is definitely acceptable and fun. The dining room is a space where you can create an imitate environment for friends or family, or a fun vibe if you want that look for your space. What your dining room looks like depend on the style of your home and the look you are going for.

Sherwin Williams Acacia Haze 9132

Photo: Instagram:

Sherwin Williams Acacia Haze is a nice choice for your dining room. You can see above that it exudes elegance and calmness. If you find painting a moody color in your entire room too much, you can opt for a half wall like our designer did above.

Benjamin Moore Essex Green

Photo: @greenpaintandlove

Photo: The Nordroom

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black SW6258 | Benjamin Moore Jet Black

Photo: Leclair Décor

I just love this stunning dining room by husband and wife team, Melissa & Sasha Leclair. Its stunning, elegant yet perfectly pulled together. I love the black accent wall. It makes a statement but is not overbearing.

I don’t know the exact color above, but its similar to Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black SW6258 or Benjamin Moore Jet Black BM 2120-10. They’re both pure cool saturated black colors with no undertones. They go in any room or space where you want to make a bold, moody and dramatic statement.

Sherwin Williams Urban Bronze SW 7048

Photo: @homeonharbour

Callie Plemel above, uses the ever popular Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze. Sherwin Williams announced Urbane Bronze Color of the Year 2021. Its a beautiful brown-gray for those looking for something warmer than a pure black. It goes well with wood dining room tables as it picks up the brown color of the paint.

Sherwin Williams Redend Point SW9081

Red typically was a go-to dining room paint color in the 80s and 90s because red simulates the appetite and encourages conversation. We don’t see deep red dining rooms anymore, thankfully, lol, but moody deep pink is trying to make a comeback. I think you need an Electric Design Style to pull that one off in your home, but a saturated pink can create a romantic mood in your dining room.

Photo: The

In our dining room above, this deep saturated pink, similar to Sherwin Williams Redend Point, makes a romantic statement in this English country mid-century home. Not every home is going to be able to pull off this sultry shade, but it is gorgeous.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154

Photo: Pinterest

Navy dining rooms are timeless and classic. Even though we see moodier colors now in dining rooms, navy blue never gets old. In our photo above, we see a modern take on a traditional look. Exact color is unknown, but is similar to Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154

Sherwin Williams Moscow Midnight SW9142

This dining room above creates a cool modern vibe with an accent wall in a deep moody blue. The exact color is not known, but its similar to dark & moody Sherwin Williams Moscow Midnight SW9142

Benjamin Moore Blue Nova CC-860

I’m in the process of updating our Dining Room. Its the room that I picked to makeover this spring for the One Room Challenge. The dining room was painted a boring staging neutral paint color that lacked personality. Our dining room, is a former bedroom in our 1950s River Home where every inch of the home needs updating. But that view….

To be honest, I haven’t seen many dining rooms painted Benjamin Moore Blue Nova but I thought it was fitting for our coastal home since we live on the river. I wanted something a bit edgier than the traditional navy blue that you associate with coastal homes so I picked Blue Nova, a beautiful blend of blue meets violet. At first when I started to put it on, I was freaking out a bit, to be honest because I thought it looked too violety. Is that a word? lol. But once I got the second coat on I began to love it. The dining room is still in progress, but you can see the progress above. I’ll post more pictures once I get further along.

Not sure is you want your entire dining room one dark color, try an accent wall. We have seen how effective even one accent wall or the lower half of a wall can transform the look and feel of a dining room.

Are you bold enough to try a new color for your dining room?

Be sure to check out my fellow designers here and see their One Room Challenge Transformations.

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