Best Blue Gray Interior Paint Colors

Blue-gray, or gray-blue as some would call it, has become a top trending color these past few years. Perhaps we have all spent way to much time in our homes, got tired of staring at neutral monochromatic walls and we yearn for more color. More calm. More serenity. Blue is found in nature. Pale blue skies, rich deep blues in water. In general, blue is considered THE most calming and serene color. But it can also appear as icy and cold if its a cool blue.

Just like any paint color, blue-grays can have warm tones or cool tones. Warm tones are calming and relaxing, cool tones are fresh and clean. Its these blue grays tones, both warm and cool, that are becoming very popular and finding their way into our homes in our bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, dining rooms and even kitchens. They are fresh, modern, contemporary, and can work well with almost any design. They can add warmth and pops of color to an all gray or all white interior.

Blue-gray paint colors, is just that. Its a mix of blue & gray paint. You add more blue, and the color leans towards blue, likewise if you add more gray than blue, the paint becomes more gray than blue and thus a gray-blue. There is no right and wrong when choosing if you want blue-gray vs. gray-blue, it just comes down to what color you like, what looks best with your existing furniture, accessories, and fixed elements, and the look that you want in your room. That’s why its so important to test the paint colors in your room to see how it looks at different times of the day, in different lights etc.

There is no right or wrong when choosing if you want more gray than blue or blue than gray in a blue-gray paint color. It just comes down to what color you prefer, and what looks best in your room taking into consideration the lighting, direction of the sunlight, the fixed elements and the furniture & accessories in the room.

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The moment you have been waiting for, here is a list of popular blue-gray paint colors by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. I’m focusing on the blue-grays which means they are blue paint colors with a touch of gray as opposed to the other way around.

Benjamin Moore Gentle Gray 1626


BM Gentle gray is a very pretty soft warm light blue with a touch of gray. It works well in a kitchen as seen below, very soothing for a bathroom, office or nursery as well.

Sherwin Williams 6534 Icy


Photo: Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams 6534 Icy is a cool blue gray with light slight purple undertones. It gives a fresh contemporary look to a room. If you’re look for warmth, then skip this one and choose a warm blue gray color.

SW Upward SW6239

Upward is a light gray with a barely blue undertone. Its hard to determine if its gray with a bit of blue or blue with a bit of gray. Its a sooth relaxing color. Its gives a very contemporary vibe as we can see in this bathroom by


If you’re not loving Sherwin William’s Upward, and find it a bit to cool, you can go up the color swatch of Upward where the blue intensifies with each step and the other colors are also very nice deeper shades of blue-gray. Again, choosing one over another is just a matter of personal preference, what works with your furniture & accessories and the fixed elements in your room such as flooring, tiles, cabinets etc.

Let’s take a look at the other famous Sherwin Williams shades of blue-gray on the Upward scale:

SW 6240 Windy Blue

photo: Pinterest

Sherwin Williams Windy Blue is a popular warm blue gray that would be so relaxing to surround yourself in the environment while soaking yourself in the bathtub. It leans more into the blue and gray but at the same time is muted and relaxing. You would never want to leave. lol

Sherwin Williams 6241 Aleutian

Aleutian is a beautiful deep blue gray with just the perfect balance of blue & gray to make a dramatic yet calming space to relax in whether its your living room, bedroom or your master bathroom. Aleutian was Sherwin Williams Color of the Month February 2022.

Sherwin Williams 9151 Daphene


Moving down the upward color chip and you find the popular Daphne that is a calming and popular choice for both interiors and exteriors.

Sherwin Williams 6242 Bracing Blue


Taking it up a notch on the famous Sherwin Williams popular blue gray color strip is Bracing Blue. This warm and darker blue gray is embracing blue. Its perfect for a bedroom or an office. You would embrance your family and friends drinking wine with your favorite meal around your bracing blue dining room. And of course, this color, would look great on lakefront properties as your house color, or for the front door if you want something more subtle.

Sherwin Williams 6243 Distance


If you’re looking for drama, then you’re in the right place with Sherwin Williams Color of the Month March 2019. Its warm, inviting, relaxing and bold! Great for that cabin in the woods, a dining room, primary bedroom, or bathroom!

Sherwin Williams 7602 Indigo Batik


The last color in the famous blue-gray Sherwin Williams color swatch is Indigo Batik. Its a deep & dark bold blue gray. Personally, I feel like its a whole lot of color for one room (says the one who painted her son’s room black).

BUT it would look great as an accent wall in any of your spaces. Its also a popular exterior paint color which would look amazing for a front door color or charming as a cottage exterior for a waterfront property

Picture: Sherwin Williams

Benjamin Moore Summer Showers 2135-60

Benjamin Moore Summer Shower is a pale baby blue and along the lines of Sherwin Williams Windy Blue above. Clean and crisp. Especially paired with white accents and/or shades of beige for a beachy look.

Benjamin Moore Smoke 2122-40


Photo: Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Smoke is a popular light to medium blue gray. Some designers call it a gray with blue-green undertones, while others call it a blue with gray undertones. To me if designers can’t agree, it seems pretty balanced between blue and gray. This color would be suitable for homes that have alot of gray furniture and accessories from the all gray phase we went through and you’re trying to tone down and eliminate some gray without breaking the bank. Painting is a relatively inexpensive way to change the mood of a room without having to replace furniture & accessories.

Benjamin Moore Santorini Blue 1634


Photo: Journey Chic

Benjamin Moore Santorini Blue is another popular blue-gray favorite among homeowners. Its a medium blue gray which is a refreshing sophisticated blue with a undertone of gray.

Benjamin Moore Nimbus Gray 1465

Benjamin Moore Nimbus Gray is similar to Santorini Blue. Home owners often compare the two since they are so similar. Nimbus Gray leans a bit more towards gray but still shows as a medium blue-gray, whereas Santorini Blue leans more towards blue. Again its personal preference, there is no right or wrong. Just a matter of what you like and what color looks best in the room with the furniture and fixed elements.

SW Rain 6219


Sherwin Williams’ Rain is one of their popular blue-grays which would be an alternative to Benjamin Moore’s medium blue-grays above.

Sherwin Williams Jubilee 6248


Sherwin Williams Jubilee is a popular light to medium cool blue gray. This color leans equally to gray and blue. It would be suitable for fixed fixtures that are gray or black as we see in this bathroom above.

Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue HC-145


If you’re looking for a mid toned blue gray that leans into the blue, Van Courtland Blue may be the color for you. One of Benjamin Moore’s most popular blue’s its a rich blue gray but not too dark. Its warm and would work in an office, bathroom, dining room or a bedroom. Give this one a try if you’re looking for a toned down blue.

Benjamin Moore Water’s Edge BM 1635



Benjamin Moore Water’s Edge is a medium toned blue gray. Its considered an old blue but works well in contemporary settings. It has a coastal feel that would look lovely in a bedroom or office as well.

Need help? Is all this talk of blue grays giving you the blues?


Do you find picking out paint color really hard? You know what colors you like and don’t like but you get them on the wall and they don’t look like the same color as the tiny paint chip you brought home from the paint store. There is a trick to picking paint colors! You need to look at the elements in your room, the direction of the sunlight or lack of direction, and then there’s those undertones!!!

I can help you with your color choice dilemnas. I can help you take some of the guesswork out of the equation, narrow down your choices, and help you choose the best paint color for YOUR home.

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