5 Most Popular Interior Door Colors + How to Pick One for Your Home

So long white interior doors! Hello color! For years, we lived with all white doors interior doors without giving it a thought.  Over 15 years ago, I painted the inside of my front door black and agonized over the decision for days because I thought it might be too bold. lol Because at that time, NOONE and I mean NOONE was painting their white interior doors at that time.

But suddenly it has become the trend to paint the inside of your front door. And you almost feel left out if your interior doors are white. Before you buy your favorite color of paint, to paint your interior doors, there are a few things you need to consider.

How to pick the paint color for your interior door

When choosing a color for your interior door, you need to take two elements into consideration: your interior deigns style, and the existing colors of your home. Both of these considerations will influence the color that you will choose.

Your Home’s Existing Color Scheme will Influence your Interior Door Paint Color Choice

The existing colors in your home will influence your color choices for your front door. What colors are already in your home in the adjoining rooms to the door(s) you want to paint? What about accent colors in your furniture and accessories like cushions, your rugs etc.  

Pick an accent color from the entryway or adjoining room if you want the door to stand out.  Do you have a black accent wall in an adjoining room or black furniture? Then painting your interior door black would be an obvious choice to repeat the color in another area. Do you have alot of blue in an area? Then pick one of the blues for your interior door.

Not sure you want such a bold color? Choose a neutral if you still want to make a statement but you don’t want to go too bold.

Your Interior Design Style will Influence your Interior Door Paint Color Choice

The style of your home will also influence your paint color choices for your interior door. There are many different styles of interior design for your home, ranging from transitional or traditional, from contemporary & mid-century to boho and eclectic, just to name a few.

Knowing what your style is important to help you not only create a home that you love and reflects your style and personality, but it will help create a home that is cohesive and flows from one room to another throughout the house. If you have a Modern Farmhouse style, for example, you may lean towards soft sage greens that are currently trending for an interior door.

If you’re not sure of what your design style is, read below.

1. Black

Black has traditionally been the #1 pick for interior door colors. That’s no surprise right? Black is a sophisticated color and makes a bold statement. Black doors add drama and edge. Painting the inside of your front door black can make your space look more expensive as well.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black | Benjamin Moore’s Jet Black

This hallway is stunning with both the front door and the hallway doors painted black. Its sophisticated and makes a bold statement. I’m not sure of the exact color in the photo above, but it looks like a true black which would make it either Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black or Benjamin Moore’s Jet Black. I love how they painted all the interior doors in this hallway black. Would you paint the trim black?

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron

Benjamin Moore’s Wrought Iron is also a stunning black color for interior doors. It has blue – gray undertones not making it a true black. It would be considered a soft black and would be a great choice if you’re looking for a softer look. It pairs well with our light to medium floors pictured above.

Photo: Jenna Kata at Home

2. Gray Interior Door Paint Colors

A close second in popularity to black interior doors, is gray. Gray, unlike black, can be more versatile depending on the shade and intensity of the color. But like black, it can also be bold and elegant, but it can also be muted if you prefer a lighter gray.

Sherwin Williams Urban Bronze SW 7048


Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze is an earthy gray paint color with strong undertones. Its one of those colors that is very flexible and can fit into most interior design styles from Modern Farmhouse to Contemporary.

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

Photo: The Inspired Room

For a modern farmhouse vibe, The Inspired Room used a dark gray Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal. I loved how Melissa combined it with white wainscoting and a gray upper wall color.

3. Beige & Greige Interior Door Paint Colors

If you want to make a statement but a more subtle one than black or gray, beige & greige (gray + beige) are great options.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Photo: Roomy Retreat

I’m not sure of the exact color above, but it looks pretty close to Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.

Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

Photo: Stefan Asilber

Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray

Photo: City Brix Realty

Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray is a warm gray which is often referred to as greige. Its not hard to see why this color is one of Sherwin Williams top 50 paint colors. Its warm and with an LRV of 36, it still make a statement but not as bold as darker color choices.

4. Green Interior Door Paint Colors

Green wasn’t on Designer’s radars until Sherwin Williams named Evergreen Fog their Color of the Year 2022. Benjamin Moore quickly followed by naming October Mist their Color of the Year 2022. Now sage green is a go-to color for interiors and exteriors alike. BUT also, we see moodier dark greens becoming popular as well.

Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom

Photo: Heathered Nest

Sherwin Williams Basil

Photo: Tag and Tibby

Sherwin Williams Contended

Photo: Meghan Leigha Costa

This calm green above with blue-gray undertones is a beautiful shade that lends itself towards coastal homes.

5. Blue Interior Door Paint Colors

Navy or a shade of blue also gives sophistication like black does but not quite so severe.

Benjamin Moore Brittana Blue

Photo: Jenna Kate At Home

Sherwin Williams Salty Dog SW9177

Navy blue has been a favorite for years among homeowners. Its not only a rich look, but blue is always a relaxing and calm color. Its a very versatile color that is suitable in many areas of the home and is suitable in many interior design styles. Navy blue is a timeless classic. I’m not sure of the exact color above, but its similar to Sherwin Williams Salty Dog.

Photo: Beach Style Hall by Lehi Interior Designers & Decorators OSMOND DESIGNS

Aqua and teal have become favorite colors over the past decade for furniture, walls and to paint the inside of your front door.  It’s a beautiful color and is well suited in areas that are close to water and houses in warmer climates.  Notice in our home above, how the homeowner repeats the aqua paint color in the rug to repeat the color and give the room balance.

Aqua doors would look great in colder climates in the summer but would look out of place in the winter.  I painted my front exterior door teal which looks great in the summer but silly in the winter so I repainted it to a darker blue. If you love blue, play around with various shades of blue until you find the one that’s perfect for your home.

Blue-gray or gray-blue paint colors, also known as Slate Blue, is also having a hot moment right now. Check out my blog post for blue-gray paint color inspiration:

Should I match the trim color to the door color?

Homeowners wonder if they should paint their trim the same color as the door or not. In my photo at the very beginning of the post, I showed my black interior door project that I painted years ago. I didn’t paint the trim and I regretted it. It felt off with the white trim showing.

Photo left: Lizzy Design Blog

Photo right: Jenna Kate at Home

In our two photos above, the left door has a gray door with white trim, whereas our photo of our gray door on the right, it has painted its trim. And both their trim color choices work for different reasons.

The door on the left has wainscoting and other white accents going on, therefore the white trim door compliments these white accents. Plus the wall paper has both the door color and the white trim color pulling these colors together.

With our door on the right, the door color is the same as the kitchen cabinets so the look is very cohesive. If they had painted their trim white, it would compliment the ceiling, but it would stand out since the wall color is a different color than both the door and the ceiling color. It would look busy painting the trim white. Painting the trim color the same color as the door gives a calming cohesive look.

If you’re not sure what option is going to look better, just test it and try out the different options. Its just paint, and yes you can paint over it if you’re not happy with the results.

Should I paint the side doors of my front door?

Painting the side doors is a matter of personal preference and what the other design details are going on in the space.

Right photo: Lizzy Designs Blog

In our picture on the left, the aqua door in the centre pops by being the focal point of the room complimented by a colorful rug. In our home on the right, the side doors and the centre door are all painted the same color which gives a calm cohesive look to the space.

Two different options, two different moods. Both are appropriate for their individual spaces. If you’re not sure which route to go, test, test, test. Its just paint. You can always repaint it over to create a space that you will love and enjoy for years to come.

Top Photo: Benjamin Moore Blythe Blue, photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

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