Are Parquet Floors in Style Now?

Are Parquet Floors in Style?

Updated April 23, 2020

If you think of parquet floors, what do you think of?  Orange looking parquet floors from the 70’s and 80’s?  Parquet floors are actually making a comeback.  But as with any trend that makes a comeback, it comes back bigger & better and parquet floors are no exceptions.

What Exactly is Parquet Flooring You Ask?

Parquet floors are a geometric mosaic of wood pieces used for decorating. They are made of actual wood and became very popular in the 70’s and 80’s.  The typical pattern of parquet flooring at that time, shown below, looks like a wood checker board.

This floor shown above, has done very well over the years.  Unfortunately, not all parquet floors have done so.
Are Parquet Floors Still in Style?
A common problem with the traditional square flooring style is that they tend to buckle if there has been a significant amount of water spilt on it.  Also, over time, some of the individual pieces of wood can come up.

Parquet flooring is trendy right now.  Leading that trend is the herringbone pattern.

Is parquet flooring in stye now?
















A stunning kitchen & flooring design by The Shaker Kitchen Company.

The Second Most Popular Parquet Flooring Trend is the Chevron pattern



Medium toned parquet flooring in a hallway.  The various tones makes this hallway stunning.


Above, a unique parquet pattern is adding the icing on the cake to this already stunning kitchen.


These new styled parquet floors come with a high price tag.  The prices range in the same price range as hardwood flooring.  Installation can be higher due to the extra labor that comes with installing this flooring. Some style come in pre-made tiles that can be laid easily, whereas the more intricate patterns need to be installed by highly skilled tradesmen that are experienced in this type of flooring.

Typically you will see these flooring in the higher priced homes, but they definitely add value to the home in addition to making a powerful design statement.

What are your options for the traditional parquet floors?

So you have the traditional parquet floors and haven’t buckled on you over the years?  How do you update them?  Parquet flooring can be sanded and refinished.  The above flooring is in great shape and looks nice.  It was obviously stained in the dark brown espresso stain that was popular years ago. If you still have these floors and want to keep them, staining them in a trending color would give them a new life.  As with any color or stain that you try, test the color in a corner or spot that won’t be noticeable if you need to restain it with a different color.

So, are you game in trying one of the new styles of parquet? You will not only be in keeping with one of the latest design trends, you will be definitely adding value to your home!

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