6 Most Popular Paint colors for your front door!

Painting your front door is an inexpensive but VERY effective way to increase your curb appeal and add value to your home. Boring neutral colored front doors like taupe, brown or white makes your house look blah and your house just blends into every. other. house. on. the. street. ESPECIALLY in a neighborhood full of new builds.

Politically correct, or not, LOL, people WILL judge what they think the interior of your house looks inside by how your curb appeal looks. Whether you’re styling to stay and enjoy, or getting your house ready to sell for top dollar, one of the best ways to enhance your curb appeal, AND add value to your home, is to make your front door pop in a way that enhances the brick, stone or vinyl color of your house.  It needs to stand out in a positive way!

Top 6 paint colors for your front door!


Blue has become one of the fastest go to color for front doors beating the popular red color choice in some regions. Blues like aqua, peacock and mid-blue are the trending shades right now. They add pop to a front door and make your house stand out amongst the sea of homes on a street. Navy blue is a classic and timeless color that always looks amazing. Blues look great with almost any exterior color.

Best Teal Blue & Slate Blue (Blue-Gray) Front Door Paint Colors


Photo right is a beautiful rich blue that would look great with taupe or gray exteriors. I don’t know the exact color but its very similar to:

Benjamin Moore Laguna Blue 2059-30

or for SW fans, a tad lighter

Sherwin Williams Blue Mosque SW6789

(click on the colors to go to the respective paint companies websites.)

Photo: Linda L. Floyd, Inc., Interior Design via Houzz 


You will often see blue doors with orange brick as blue and orange are opposite colors from each other on the color wheel which makes them a great pair together.

Teal is a favorite door color that goes well with orange brick.

Its also a great color with coastal or beach town properties. It’s fresh and fun.

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Loch Blue 6502

Photo: London Interior designer & Decorators Amory Brown


Color: Benjamin Moore Williamsburg Blythe Blue CW-590

This soft teal is a classic color that never goes out of style. Has a hint of Prussian blue with a gray base. Would compliment most cream, orange, mid-taupe, black and gray exteriors.


Read: Best Navy Blue, Teal Blue & Slate Blue Front Door Paint Colors

Best Navy Blue Front Door Paint Colors


Navy blue has been a very classic and popular choice for front doors for years. Its classic, timeless and makes a statement.

Beauti-tone: French Navy Blue SC007 (right)

Photo: Southern Living

Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue and its deeper popular blue, Hale Navy & Sherwin William’s Naval, are two great choices for front doors.

Benjamin Moore’s Gentleman’s Gray is a blackened blue which looks very stately and is a classic.


Left: Benjamin Moore Van Duesen Blue HC-156. Its considered one of the navy’s but more of a dark denim look. Not as dark as a typical navy if you find the typical navy’s a tad too dark. See “traditional” navy below. Goes well with orange brick exteriors. Looks darker if there is a overhang or house is in alot of shade.

Middle: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154 or Sherwin Williams Naval SW 6244. Both of these companies “traditional” navy paint colors. Timeless classic colors.

Right: Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20. A very rich navy, with a touch of black in it, thus they call it Gentleman’s Gray!?!

 When considering the color for your front door, you need to take into consideration the amount of sunlight that your door gets. More sun means the color will appear lighter. Similarly, if the door is in alot of shade or if there is an overhang over the door, the color will appear darker than its actual color. You ALWAYS need to test your paint color!


Check out my front door paint color package here


Black makes a dramatic statement and stands the test of time.  Some houses just suit black more than the other colors. If you’re not sure about blue or red, or are afraid you might get tired of it, black can make a wonderful front door statement.


Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black SW6258

Benjamin Moore’s Jet Black 2120-10

are popular bold stark black colors for front doors. They make a positive statement for your curb appeal!

Photo: Pinterest


Don’t want a black quite so stark as above?

Benjamin Moore Black Beauty 2128-10

Its a warm black, still does the trick of making a home look stately, but without the attitude of the stark black paint colors above.

Photo: Boscolo Interior Design


Another option than stark black is Benjamin Moore’s Wrought Iron. It’s considered to be part of their black colors but it falls more into the charcoal category. It would look lovely with white siding, red or gray brick or stone.

Benjamin Moore: Wrought Iron 2124-10

Photo right:


Green hasn’t traditionally been a go-to color for front doors but this year, green is one of the fastest growing trending paint colors. In fact, designers are predicting that green kitchen cabinets is going be the #1 choice among homeowners this year. We are also seeing green taking over bedroom walls, office walls, and even dining rooms walls. Yes, homeowners definitely want to see more warmth in their homes, but how they achieve this warm through which color of green will vary. Both greens below are classic and timeless. They’ll look great if you’re styling to stay, or staging to sell. These greens will go with most green, red, taupe, gray or cream exteriors.

Paint Color: Green Conifer Hills 5141EC Beauti-Tone sold at Home Hardware

This rich deep classic dark green, above, would look natural and complement a beautifully landscaped home.


Photo: Pinterest


Sage green is another classic green that looks soft and inviting. It goes well with most gray, cream, and red exteriors.

Paint color: Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage HC-114

Photo: West Magnolia charm


For years, red was the favorite color choice for front doors.  It just pops the front exterior when done right. But a red front door may not be the best color choice for your exterior. Trending in red front doors is to have the surrounding trim classical white or to paint the trim black or gray to make the door even more dramatic.

However, red front doors, although, still popular, tend to be more popular in some parts of the county more than others. Blue, and in some cases, green, are chosen over red front doors now.


Benjamin Moore Caliente AF-290

Benjamin Moore’s Caliente AF-290 is one of their most popular reds. It was their Color of the Year for 2018 and you can see why. Its rich and vibrant, but not screaming in your face red like we see in some reds which are better suited, for well, a child’s room. This red is sophisticated. No wonder its a fan favorite.



There’s something classic about rich deep reds as we see in Sherwin Williams’ Wild Current (right) is a rich deep red. It looks amazing with the white side lights and the cream siding.

Paint Color (right): Sherwin William SW 7583

Photo: Pinterest

For those of you that like a richer deeper red, more like a burgundy, then Sherwin Williams Sun Dried Tomato is for you. The perfect combination of a classical deep red but updated to make a statement.

Color: Sherwin Williams Sun Dried Tomato SW7585



Yellow is definitely more popular in some parts of the country than others but it can certainly be a show stopper like blue, black or red. The best yellows are either a soft warm yellow, or a fun bright yellow. Both yellows would look great with either a gray or white exterior.


This yellow (photo left) is a warm, soft inviting yellow. Its perfect with the white side windows and the gray exterior.

Paint color: Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow HC-4

This yellow bright door is charming against the white wood exterior. Yellow won’t work with every exterior but it is stunning here.

Photo: Pinterest


Want a bit more of a pop with that yellow? Try this bold but clean yellow that will turn heads.

Paint color: Benjamin Moore Highlighter Yellow 2021-40

(Photo right) Photo by Garden Studio via Houzz

How to paint your door like a pro


Painting your door is actually alot harder than it looks. The paint needs to go on a certain way to look professional. You need to focus on certain areas first.

But once you know the technique, its not as overwhelming as it seems.

Dynamic mom and daughter duo, Steph & Michelle, from the Sunny Side Design, breaks down the steps on how to paint a door that looks done like a professional. AND you don’t have to take off the hinges, just the door handle.

Photo: Sunny Side Design

Read how to paint a door here

Want to know the best garage door color choices?

Read best color choices for Garage Doors

Do you feel motivated now?  What color are you going to try? Or are you overwhelmed?  Not sure what color is the best fit for your stone, brick or siding?  I can help you with that!

Do You Need Help Choosing the Right Paint Color?


Does the front of your home looks like it could belong on a magazine page or has it seen better days? You want to make your curb appeal pop but you’re just not sure of the right color with your current stone, brick or vinyl house. What paint color would make it stand out?

Once you send me the appropriate pictures & answer a few of my questions, you will receive your consult of 2 -3 color specific color choices for your front door that you can hand to your painter. 

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I help busy homeowners, just like you, to style their house to make it a stunning retreat, where they can live and enjoy their home. I help homeowners, make money beyond their wildest expectations from the sale of their house by guiding them, when they’re getting their house to sell.

Hi! I’m Debi Collinson. Designer. Color Consultant & Real Estate Investor. 

I grew up looking at blue prints, going on construction sites and helping my dad, an Engineer|General Contractor|Co-Owner of a Design|Build|Engineering firm pick out paint colors for his buildings. Since 2006, I have been styling & staging hundreds of homes to make them look like they belong in a magazine page whether the client is styling to stay or staging to sell. 

In my spare time, LOL, I buy “fixer uppers” to fix up & either sell for a healthy profit or to rent. I’m currently looking for my 10th “fixer upper.” Sign up to receive my e-mails of how to make your home stunning, how to sell your house for top dollar AND how to become financially independent one fixer upper at a time! Read my full story including my design credentials here.

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  1. I am trying to decide between bright yellow and soft yellow for my grey shingle house with white on the bottom. It is a double door with glass. It is a beach house. thanks

    1. Hi Cindy – without pictures, the rule of thumb is a darker grey would look better with a lighter yellow and visa versa. Be careful of the shade of yellow as too bright or harsh of a yellow, may look odd or out of place. Yellow & grey are very popular together. Good luck!

  2. Hi getting ready to paint our front door . Our house is a light almond or cream color . What color would pop out

    1. Hi Bunie -great question! It depends on the undertone of your almond/cream color, the shade of the color, the color of your window trim. Also you need to look at the style of your home, color of the garage door and roof color too. I would be happy to help you with that. Here is the link to my online front door paint color consult. After receipt of your payment, I send you a few brief questions, and ask for a picture of your home. I will give you 2 – 3 options within 2 – 3 business days!

  3. I have tan siding, red brick with some rust and orange color in it with white trim around house. What color for front door and window shutters? Would an orange look good or stay with green or blue tones?

    1. Hi Deena – Thanks for dropping by! Red, rust & orange are very popular brick colors indeed. Not knowing the predominant color in your brick, red, rust or orange, and without pictures, green or blue would typically be in the color family you would start with from what you have described. With regards to exact colors for your front door, you need to take into consideration your siding color. Is it a light tan or dark tan? A warm tan or a cool tan? With regards to your shutters, white is a very popular shutter color, but it also depends on the window trim color and the total overall look of your house. Pictures are the key in making a correct decision without buying the wrong color, and having to paint it again. I can help you make the correct decision for the cost of choosing the wrong color of paint can and having to redo it all over. You can check out my front-door paint color here. Pick the garage door consult for your shutter color.
      I look forward to working with you! http:/

  4. I was just looking at your front door, the colour is nice, but my girlfriend has the same colour of bricks and she painted her door a beautiful creamy beige. I personally love red.

    1. Hey Lori – I think if you show 5 different people the same door and ask them what color they should paint it, you would get 5 different answers. It’s alot of personal taste isn’t it? Red has traditionally been my go to color as well but I need a change and I’m mixing things up very soon….keep posted. Thanks for dropping by!

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