How to Convert a Closet into a Shower

Add $20K+ to the Value Of Your Home by Converting a Closet in a Shower!

If you’ve ever watched Love It or List It on HGTV, when they’re looking in the master bedroom, there are two things that will either make them interested in the house or want to see more houses.  Can you guess what that is?  The size of the master bedroom and the master en-suite.

Perhaps you have bought an older home and have a two piece bathroom, that is a single sink & toilet,  in the master bedroom.  You love your house, you don’t want to move, but you would love it even more if it had a three piece bathroom, sink, toilet AND a shower. It would make that morning rush so much easier!!

When buyers are looking at new houses, one of the 5 most important rooms for their decision is the master bedroom.  Alot of older homes have a two piece bathroom off the master bedroom if you’re lucky, a toilet and small sink.  However, in today’s real estate market, buyers want showers in their en-suites! They don’t want to trot down the hall to the family bathroom and wait their turn while junior finishes getting ready in the morning like you see in the Ikea commercial where the dad walks into the bathroom with the mom and his daughter.  He’s brave and decides to stay, but most potential buyers will move on and look at the next house!

Whatever the reason, you have decided to look at making your bathroom a three piece bathroom.

Converting an adjoining clothes closet or hall closet to the already existing 2 piece bathroom will not only give you the comfort of having a shower in your master bedroom, it will definitely add $20,000 + to the value of your home when you’re ready to sell.

Planning Your Design is Key to a Successful En-Suite Bathroom!

But before you take the crow bar and smash down the adjoining wall between the bathroom and closet, you need to carefully plan to make sure that there is enough space to accommodate at least a moderate size shower, potentially a two sink vanity, AND that you have room for clothes since you’re wanting to tear down their existing space.  Also, before you knock down that wall, you need to make sure that it isn’t a support wall or that there is plumbing or duct work in the wall. If you’re not handy, bring in a professional to assess the situation!


How much room do you need for a shower?


Converting Hall Closet 1

converting, right hand side

Converting A Closet Into A Shower-Debi-Collinson-Add-Value-To-Your-Home

Take the measurements of the width and length of your current closet and the adjoining bathroom.  Do you have adequate room for a shower including elbow room?  Showers should be a minimum 32″ x 32″ in a master en-suite. If they’re smaller than that, they may suit your current needs, but down the road in the future when you’re ready to sell, it could potentially be a deterrent for alot of buyers and not really adding value to your home. Sure it’s great to have a shower in the master en-suite, but when you’re ready to sell, a small en-suite shower may actually deter some potential buyers and not net you the money you’re hoping for.

It’s a really good idea to try to visualize the new space as much as you can. Place painters tape on the floor where you visualize the shower is going, tape out the placement for your vanity.

Do you have room for a double vanity?


Ensuite makeover


ensuite bathroom,after

Removing the closet may mean that you may now have space for a double sink vanity whereas before you only had room for a single one due to a wall.

Double sink vanities are sought after in en-suite bathrooms to help with the morning rush.  Potential buyers love double sink vanities.  Double sink vanities make life so much easier in the morning when you’re both getting ready.  What is the width of your bathroom?  Just because you now have the space for a double sink, you need to ensure that there is enough “walking” room so that a person can walk around the other person while one is putting on their make-up.

How much room to you have for your shower?


converting, right hand side

Plan out your shower well.  The closet may look big enough but you need a minimum of 32″ x 32″ for a shower.


Convert Your Closet into a Shower and Add Value to Your Home

A glass door give a luxurious spa-like feel but they do cost more than using a shower curtain.  Built-in tiled showers always add more value than a store bought box store shower. Co-ordinate a variety of wall and floor tiles for a trendy look.

Accessorize the en-suite for maximum dollars



Pay close attention to the details like lights, mirrors, and vanities.  Heated tile floors are a great selling feature that actually don’t cost that much considering how much bang you will get for your buck.

Making room for your clothes without a closet!

Can you successfully move your clothes somewhere else without compromising space?  As much as homeowners wants a shower in their en-suite, they also want somewhere to put their clothes. Adding wardrobes or building in closets along a wall, can take the place of a former small closet.



converting, right hand side




ensuite shower, after

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  1. I measured my closet and it measures out to be 32/29, I would have to extend it out towards the entrance of the shower. It’s a trailer house and I have the small bedroom with a half bath in it, I wish I could send you a picture. I’ve done lots of Remodeling and carpentry work, all the way down to Pier and beam. I like the work, especially demos lol. Anyways. I welcome your advice or ideas to my shower. The reason I need one in my room is cause my start m sister in law has the bathroom with the shower and she’s in her bathroom most of the time lol so it’s kinda hard sometimes to get a shower early like I like to do so I would love to be able to have my own shower.

  2. Hi, Debi
    Yours is the first site to parse out exactly what it is I want to do. I have a bedroom with a two-piece bath. The adjacent closet for the guest room is behind my bathroom sink and vanity wall. I’d like to blow through that wall for the shower. I never thought about the load-bearing situation; something to be sure of. Since my guest room is losing its closet, a different wall in my guest room abuts two center hall closets; I would dry-wall them on the hallway side In order to make a picture wall, and put the opening (s) in the guest room and make one long closet. Thank you, thank you. Love the before and after.

  3. Oooooh…. to have another shower in our house! We only have one full bath, and with 3 growing girls, we are going to need another shower down the road. I’m filing this post as a future must-do DIY project. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Jennifer – adding another shower definitely helps with the traffic jam at the bathroom door and also eases tension in the house. It actually wasn’t that difficult to do. You just need to plan and think it through which I know you will. Good luck!

      1. I was wondering if you could do the same thing to a trailer house closet? Cause my room has a half bath and I have to use my roommates bathroom to shower, so I was looking at my closet, and it looks like the perfect size to turn into a shower. Length and width (including elbow room, lol) but I was also curious on the finances part of the process. Could you possibly give me a ball park figure on how much it costs to do that and considering I’d just be adding the shower cause it’s got the sink and commode. Thank you

        1. Hi Karen. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I haven’t worked with trailer homes before but I don’t see why this wouldn’t work in one. You may want to get a consult from a contractor that has experience with trailer homes. There’s two ways of adding a shower. You can purchase a shower kit from a big box store and have it installed so your cost would be the kit + shower fixtures + installation. I had shower tiles installed which is typically more than a kit. Plus the vanity was switched to a double sink which meant additional plumbing, plus a toilet and floor tiles. The bathroom renovation was approximately $5,000 in total. I would suspect it would cost you less than that. You could get a quote and see what the costs are and make a decision from there.

  4. Debi, this is something I have wanted to do for decades! We would have to steal the closet from an adjacent bedroom and I worried whether not having a closet in that room would decrease the value. As we talk about downsizing to a condo, I wonder if this is an investment we should seriously think about. What to do…what to do

    1. Hey Marie – GREAT question. We did remove our closet and put in wardrobes and dressers. If you remove your closet but can put in built-ins somewhere else in the room that you’re not decreasing the value. You will be increasing it. Of course, before you do any renovation, do your research, see you much the bathroom conversion and adding built-ins or something would cost to see if you will get your money back in your neigbhorhood. If you have a realtor that you know and trust in your area that knows the values of the homes there, it might be worthwhile to have him or her pop by and give their opinion. I hope that helps!

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