How to Update Your Patio Set with Spray Paint

Curb appeal for your home is the FIRST impression that people make when they pull up to your house.  Walk across the street right now and take a really good impartial look at your house.

What does your curb appeal say?  Is it contemporary and update to date?  Or tired and dated?  Your patio set or bistro set or café set, whatever you call it, can have a huge impact on the impression people make about your home.  Perhaps it was really cute about 5+ years ago but now it’s faded and not so cute.

Take a look at the style of your bistro set. Can a can of spray paint be the fix that it needs?

I had this really cute patio set that once looked great but weathered over the years and to be honest, I should have taken it in over the winter months. But I decided to try to update it with a can or two of spray paint. Its just spray and worth a shot right?


Pick a contemporary and cute color that will make it pop in minutes.  If you’re not sure of the color, try a corner of the table or chair and see what you think.  It’s only paint, so it’s a quick fix if you don’t like the color you choose.  Here trendy aqua gets first pick!

When choosing a color for your patio set, be sure to make sure it co-ordinates with your front exterior. Choosing a color that clashes with your exterior will only defeat the purpose of the update of your patio set.

bistor set in progress

I picked this cute aqua color because its trending for patio furniture currently, and it would pop with the orange brick of the house. Blue & orange are complimentary colors on the color wheel so that’s why you see this color combination so much. The two colors just pop when they are together!

Put down an old sheet before spraying. You don’t want to spray your grass, or worse your patio! Put paper or cans under the legs to ensure that you’re spraying evenly around the end of the legs and they won’t stick to the sheet that you have put down.

Sand off any old paint that may be loose. Wipe it with a damp cloth before spraying. Wait until its dry of course before you start.

Be careful to spray lightly and several coats.

bistro set, too much heat

Easy does it!

If you’re going from dark or black to a lighter color, three coats might be necessary.

See the little bubbles on this leg?  It’s a cause of too much paint and spraying in the hot heat. Watch out for those temperature warnings on the side of your spray can.  They actually do mean to spray between those temperatures!!! (Who knew? I didn’t believe them LOL)

Watch out for those temperature warning on the side of the spray can. They actually do mean to spray between those temperatures! If you’re spraying when its too hot, you can end up with tiny little bubbles that you will need to sand off.

If you do get bubbles or drips, you can either sand the effected area, wipe it down clean with damp cloth and start again when it’s dry.


What a difference!  Nothing that a couple of cans of spray paint can’t fix!

What are you going to try this week-end?

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