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Tween Bedroom Makeover – ORC | Week 3

Tween Bedroom Makeover

One Room Challenge – Week 3

I’m SO excited to be part of the One Room Challenge again.  A huge thanks to Linda of Calling It Home for organizing this bi-annual design challenge. The One Room Challenge is where design|bloggers around the world transform one space in their homes over 6 weeks.  This is my forth time taking on the challenge.  The first time I redesigned our entryway.  The second time was our master bedroom including adding on a master en-suite and the third time was our family room.

We moved into a newer home in the spring of  last year.  We had our youngest room set up as a bedroom but he never slept in it.  The room wasn’t appealing enough so it became my craft room.  But its time he had his own room again so his room is getting the make over this time around on the One Room Challenge.

My Inspiration:

My goal is for our son to have the coolest bedroom on the street so that the boys on the street will want to come and just hang in his room.

Tween Boy's room mood board | Debi Collinson Designs














I had a slow week this week BUT I made two major decisions.

Major Decision #1

The first decision was that I was able to scrape the “popcorn” off the ceiling.  If you’re wondering why I was so panicky, you can check out here what happens when the ceiling has been painted.  In a previous One Room Challenge, I started to scrape the ceiling,  It wasn’t the first time that I had removed popcorn off the ceiling so, no problem, I thought.  SURPRISE – the ceiling HAD BEEN PAINTED.  It was week 4 of the One Room Challenge so I quickly had to go to plan B and do our hallway makeover.


One room challenge, fall 2015, week 4

This is why I’m so nervous when I’m starting to scrape off the “popcorn” off a ceiling.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal - Debi Collinson Designs


But this time around, I was pleasantly surprised.The ceiling had NOT been painted therefore it was easy to scrape off.  I did a small portion of the room in 15 minutes.  I learned my lesson from the bedroom ceiling and I always now test in a small obscure corner of a room to see if the popcorn is going to come off easily or not.  If it doesn’t come off easily, then you have a decision to make.  You can buy a can of popcorn spray, YES, they exists, and you can spray it on in the corner where you tried to scrape.  OR you can bite the bullet and cover our your ceiling where there are a variety of options on how you want to do that.

Why remove the popcorn off your ceiling?  Two reasons:  it looks better and it definitely adds value to your home down the road when you’re ready to sell.

Major Decision #2

The second major decision I made was to select the hardware flooring.  Not alot of work but an important decision.

Since the hallway already had hardware flooring, it was important to match the bedroom flooring with the same type i.e. hardwood (not laminate etc.) AND the same color as much as possible.   I don’t know how many houses I have staged where the flooring goes from one type to one color on the same floor.  It looks like a checker board so it not only it looks ugly, it DEVALUES your home.  So when you’re ready to sell, potential buyers will knock off dollars on their offer with the intent of redoing the floors when they move it.  Not that we’re planning on selling, but the stager side of me just had to go with the proper flooring.


Picking Hardwood Flooring - Debi Collinson Designs














So which one do you think I picked?  #3 of course.  But it already enforced an important lesson that I already knew.  I checked out the samples on the comupter and #5 was the closest color from the computer.  But of course, everybody knows NEVER to pick colors from a computer so I bought the samples to bring them home.  And #3 is the winner!!!

Please check back next week and see the progress to date!

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