How to Spray Paint Flower Pots to make them look new

I’m all about making my curb appeal of my house look amazing. Whether it being a fresh new door color, or something simple like updating planter urns, your curb appeal gives the expectation of how the rest of your house looks. It makes that first impression, and of course, we always want to make a good first impression!

Adding accessories to your front porch, like planters enhances the look of your house. I looked at the dated planter urns and sighed.  I paid good money for them approximately 5 years ago, but living through 5 winters of snow and ice have taken a toll on them. They no longer looked sleek and stately. They were rusted and look dated. I checked out other wrought iron urns to replace these and was surprised at the prices.  I couldn’t find any in the price range that I wanted to spend so I came up with plan B.  Spray paint!

planter, before, close up,

How to Choose the Right Color for your Flower Pot

The next big decision was what color and what type of paint should I use? The traditional black urns felt too formal for our new home.

When choosing a color for an accessory for your outdoor area, make sure it co-ordinates with what’s going on with the rest of the area. You can choose a color that pops and stands out but choosing a color that clashes will only defeat the purpose of the update of planter or pot.

Painting with Textured Multi-Color Rust-oleum
Dessert Bisque. Rust-oleum MultiColor Textured Spray Paint.

Checking out the various spray paint options at my local hardware store, I decided on Rust-oleum with multicolor texture in Desert Bisque. (I’m not being paid to promote this product.)

I liked the lighter color and the texture it offered. I was also looking for a newer updated look. 

If you’re not sure about a color, buy one can to test it out. Its only paint and you can always spray over it again if you don’t like your final result.

I had not tried textured spray paint before so it was a bit of a surprise. It goes on smoothly. Its actually easier than regular spray paint. You don’t have to be as careful as you do with regular paint BUT it does take ALOT of paint to cover it. It will usually take 2 – 3 coats when switching from a darker to lighter color.

4 cans of spray paint later for 2 planter urns I finally get the look I want.  I let the black show through in tiny spots for texture and interest. Plus I wasn’t about to get a 5th can of paint. lol.

After all that, once I finished it, I didn’t like the urns for the front door anymore (lol) so I moved it to the back which I feel adds the final touch to complete the patio look.

Do you think you will try it?

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