What noone tells you about painting a room black!

Painting my Son’s Bedroom BLACK

I’m SO excited to be part of the One Room Challenge again.  A huge thanks to Linda of Calling It Home for organizing this bi-annual design challenge where hundreds of design|bloggers around the world transform one space in their homes over 6 weeks.

This time around I decided to makeover my tween son’s bedroom because we moved into our house over a year ago and this is how his room looked as of a couple of weeks ago.  I know – very embarrassing!!! See? Decorators don’t ALWAYS live in a perfect home lol !!!

My son really REALLY wanted a black bedroom.  I debated and agonized over this request for a couple of months.   I’ve always liked black rooms.  They look so cool.   I really admired Genieve Godor, HGTV host when she painted her living room totally black.

Genevieve Gorder’s Manhattan Apartment

At first when I watched the show I was shocked.. But as I watched, I really began to like it.  Decorating a black room can be challenging to get the right mix of furniture & accessories to make it work.  But of course, Genevieve totally rocked it!

However,  when my son asked for a black room, I was very hesitant for painting our son’s bedroom black for two reasons.  One, I thought he wouldn’t really like it and get tired of it in a couple of months.  It’s very dark. Will he really like it once the novelty of a black room wears off?

Secondly, the stager side of me is screaming “NOOOOO – DON’T DO IT!!! What if you want to sell your home soon?  You know you will have to repaint it!  AND You know it will take you many coats of paint to recover it!!!”

But as you can see, the mom side won out and we are painting his room BLACK.  It’s turning out better than I expected so that’s a huge sigh of relief.  He saw the one wall of black paint and was super excited! Phew….

Tween boy excited with his room makeover

Using black paint is harder then it looks

You would think using black paint is like any other paint right?  Wrong? 

Black paint shows EVERY imperfection.  You need to roll up and down consistently one line, and then move onto the next.  You need to roll DOWN to finish the line and then roll DOWN to finish the next line and so on.  Otherwise, if you don’t do this, the black will look like different shades of black even though you’re using the same color of paint.

It will also take a few more coats of paint than a lighter color to get a true black. 

Flip over to week 6 the final reveal here and you’ll see that it will be worth it!!!

My Inspiration Board:

My goal is for my son to have the coolest bedroom on the street so that the boys on the street will want to come and just hang in his room.

Tween Boy's room mood board | Debi Collinson Designs

This is my forth time taking on the challenge.  The first time I redesigned our entryway.  The second time was our master bedroom including adding on a master en-suite and the third time was our family room.


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