One Room Challenge – Week 3 – Master Bedroom Makeover

One Room Challenge – Week 3 – Master Bedroom Makeover

I stumbled across the most amazing blog yesterday while searching through blogland.  Linda from Calling it Home has this amazing challenge that she puts out bi-annualy to 20 Designers and designer/bloggers (that’s me!) to makeover ONE room in your house in just a mere 6 weeks.  I LOVE IT!!!

So I’m in!!!  I know it’s week 3, and everyone else started 3 weeks ago, but hey I’m type A.  I can do this!!!! Every week we link up our progress to Linda’s blog from Calling it Home and get inspired, a kick in the pants or whatever is needed when we see how each other is progressing.   (Check back every week and see how I’m doing).

All day yesterday I was thinking what room should I do.  I currently have 3 room makeovers in my house on the go right now (lol – my family is used to it).  Do I do the front hallway because it’s the first room and thus the first impression when people walk into our home? Do I do the rec room/kid hangout/media room because my kids want to be able to invite friends over in a really cool space.

Our Master Bedroom in DESPERATE need of a makeover!

Or do I do the master bedroom where it’s definitely not like the bedrooms in the Ikea commercial where they say leave the door open when guests come over so they can see it.  We definitely CLOSE the door.  The room has unfortunately become the stash things here room.  It started a year ago (embarrassing to admit) when we bought a much needed bed and went from a queen bed to a king size bed. GREAT move – will never go back to a queen – but EVERYTHING changes.  Nothing fits anymore!

The Master Bedroom awaiting its makeover!

So the master bedroom it is!  It definitely was in need of a makeover.  It was done roughly 10 years ago, the wall color is dated, the curtain rods fell down and it’s generally in sad shape.  I change in the bathroom at night so the neighbours don’t get a show.

Even though I have only 3 weeks, I have started with the ideas and buying curtains etc. before I discovered this challenge, so I need to put it all together in 3 weeks – yikes!



Design board, Master Bedroom













Here’s the master list of to do’s:

  1. Remove the stipple ceiling
  2. Sand & wax the parquet floors
  3. Paint the ceiling
  4. Paint the walls
  5. Chalk paint dresser & hutch/remove mirror from dresser
  6. Buy a new ceiling light Convince hubby he doesn’t need a ceiling fan for our hot humid muggy summers
  7. Refinish a side table for the reading chair
  8. Put in reading chair – have already
  9. Hang the curtains/add fabric for interest?
  10. Duvet, decorative pillows – already have – find bedskirt?
  11. Buy pillows for pillow shams
  12. Make new cover for ottoman?
  13. Hang pictures
  14. Headboard? – Check out thrift stores for 2 twin headboards
  15. Install new baseboards

Please check in next week and see how I’m doing.


Debi Collinson is a Designer.  She renovates “fixer uppers” to flip or to rent.  She staged houses for 10 years. She has seen houses at their best and their worst. Debi passes on her knowledge to make homes a stunning retreat while at the same time helping to Add Value to their Home





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