Paint a Minecraft Pumpkin for Halloween Decorations

Disclaimer:  This DIY project will NOT add value to your home NOR will it make your home stunning.  BUT it will make you the coolest house on the street!  And who doesn’t want that?

Minecraft pumpkins are fun and easy to make.  A little time consuming than a regular pumpkin but you’ll be the most talked about house on the street!!! And its a fun afternoon project that you can do together with your kids. A win win!

My son loves everything minecraft and when we were trying to come up with a different pumpkin idea than what is already out there, this smart kid said let’s do minecraft pumpkins mom! Great idea!

I searched minecraft characters and we came up with the two most recognisable faces. I also did a quick shop to the dollar store for painting supplies and we were ready to make creeper pumpkins.

First cut the top off and take all the seeds etc out of the pumpkin.  Draw the face with a thin magic marker. When I googled the creeper face, I made a patter so that I was able to get the squares correct. I didn’t trust my freehand.  It doesn’t have to be perfect because you’re going to paint over it anyway.  Next cut the eyes and the mouth out before you start to paint.  Now you’re ready to paint.


Next is painting the pumpkins. I mixed up the green playing with color until I got the “minecraft green.” Paint each pumpkin.  Using a wide brush to paint is the easiest.  We painted just to the bottom of the pumpkin to cover all the orange.  Depending on the quality of your paint, you might need two coats to cover the pumpkin.  We painted the edges of the eyes and mouth with a very thin brush dark gray for both pumpkins to give it a scarier look.


We just did two pumpkins but you can go all out and have a creeper collection. It was alot of fun and a big hit among the boys in particular with remakrs like “WOW minecraft pumpkins” and “look at those cool pumpkins.” Now you have the coolest pumpkins on the street!

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