Refinishing Parquet Floors: Master Bedroom & En-suite makeover

Master Bedroom & En-suite makeover: In the home stretch!

In the fall of 2015, I joined almost 200 Designers/Bloggers in the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling It Home where we have 6 weeks to transform a room of our choice from boring to stunning! I picked our Master Bedroom & En-suite because it was, quite frankly, dated,boring and I so desperately wanted a change.  But at week 4, I ran into a major set-back with our popcorn ceiling which left me with no choice but to switch to another room for the remainder of the challenge. Was I discouraged?  Yes!  Defeated?  No!!!  I’m back in the spring of 2o16 and transforming our Master Bedroom again! BUT this time, I added our en-suite into the mix.  Why not???

This week, week 4 into our challenge, I feel like we’re finally getting somewhere. It’s been a tough go living through the renovation while we had contractors put up drywall and sand our ceiling. There was drywall dust and bits everywhere! I even found it in our bed one night (ugh!!!)

Now that the ceiling is done, we’re focusing on the floor.

No More Orange Parquet Floors

We debated about ripping up the old parquet and put down hardwood flooring. We also discussed installing carpeting over the parquet for a warm cozy feeling on those cold winter nights.

However, time and money prevailed and we thought we would try to sand them and see how it went. I’m really glad we went that option. Updating parquet flooring

















The top half is the orange floor that we lived with for nine years!  The bottom half is the newly sanded parquet flooring.  What a difference!


We thought we would try sanding it ourselves since we had a number of renovations going on at that same time. Refinishing parquet floors DIY










This is the hand sander that we Mr. Add Value rented from Home Depot.  It’s alot more manageable then one of the those big heavy sanders, and alot less expensive.  It is a bit back breaking and VERY nosey (definitely need ear plugs.)


We Mr. Add Value & helper, sanded our entire second floor.  Alot of work but what a difference.  I wish we had done it sooner!

parquet flooring, done










Here’s how it looks now.  What a difference!

Be sure to come back next week, week 5, for the progress!


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    1. Hi Laura – Unfortunately I didn’t include it in my blog post but if I remember correctly it was Miniwax clear stain. The floor was a natural oak. With any stain, I would ALWAYS test it before you apply to your entire floor. I hope that helps. Thanks for stopping by!

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