Make Your Master Bedroom a Retreat to Sell Your House

Whether you’re getting your house ready to sell or styling your house to stay, the Master Bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house.  It’s meant to be a retreat!  At the end of the day, whether its been a stressful day at work or haggling with kids over homework, your bedroom is where should be able to close your door and relax.

Master bedrooms need to “shout” retreat! Come here and relax. For minimal cost that you will reap when you sell, they’re relatively easy to update to create that look by having neutral calm or trendy colors, fresh bedding & accessories, and a reading nook if room allows. How a master bedroom looks can either make or break a potential buyer’s decision to put an offer in on a house!

Making Your Master Bedroom Your Retreat!

Get Rid of the Clutter!

Clutter in a bedroom is a sure fire way of making your bedroom stressful.  Bedrooms tend to be a dumping ground when company comes over, the stuff you don’t want to show ends up in the bedroom.  There should be no clutter on dressers, bedside tables, or the floor!  Clutter has NO place in the Master Bedroom.

Paint the Walls with Trendy Colors

















If you have used one of the suggested staging colors for your main floor and hallway, you may want to consider extending it into the master bedroom as well for consistency and flow.

You can add personality to the bedroom by creating a feature or accent wall in another trendy color to break up the same neutral color throughout the house and to add interest.

Update Your Bedding


If your bedding is tired, worn and/or dated, now is the time to update it for those pictures & showings.  You can get trendy bedding at reasonable prices these days.  And the return on that investment will be well worth it.

 Using cushions that come with a bedding package is a dated look!

Pay particular attention to accessories for the bedding.  The trend of using the cushions that come with a bedding package is no longer the trend.  It just dates the room. Purchase different but coordinating cushions for a trendy and interesting look.

Curtains Need to Co-ordinate with the Look of the Room

I have walked into many homes on a staging consult to find dark heavy curtains in the master bedroom.  They tend to be dark blue, brown or black.  They actually look out of place because they don’t go with the rest of the room colors and the bedding.

When I ask the homeowner, why they chose such dark colored curtains for the bedroom, their reply is always that they are blackout curtains and they need them to sleep at night.  Fair enough.  I get the blackout curtains part, but blackout curtains also come in trendier shades like light or dark gray, taupe or greige.  AND they’re just as effective as their dark colored counterparts.  Curtains are part of the accessories of the room and they need to co-ordinate with the rest of the look.

Create a Reading Nook


If you have room in your bedroom, making a reading nook is a great way to create a retreat feeling in your master bedroom.  Creating a retreat is very appealing to potential buyers, and after all, that is the main goal here!


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