Making a Beautiful Entryway – In Progress!! ORC – Week 5

Making a Beautiful Entryway – In Progress!! ORC – Week 5

A few weeks ago I discovered Linda from Calling It Home who runs this now very famous One Room Challenge bi-annually for designers/bloggers to design one room in their home in 6 weeks.  Even though I discovered the challenge already in progress,week 3, I excitedly hopped on board diving in with both feet.  I started with our Master Bedroom but had to put that on hold due to the NASTY popcorn ceiling.  Read here for more on that.  I will get back to the popcorn ceiling later.

I’ve switched my project to the much needed front entryway.  I really like an entrance that really pops when you walk into the front door.   Ours currently does not pop.  It has a plain Jane look.  Nice but plain.

Here’s the current look:

one room challenge, front entrance, before

one week challenge, old buffet, hallway











I haven’t actually started working on it because I was trying to decide what to do.  The challenge was that I wasn’t sure what look I wanted.  I know I wanted a space that makes a statement because its the first area people see when they walk inside your home.   But there are many ways of achieving that.  I spent hours on Houzz and Pinterest analyzing what makes an entryway beautiful.  I became well versed in this topic so much so that I wrote an article on it:

5 Ways to Make Your Entryway Beautiful

There are definitely certain aspects to incorporate to make one’s entryway stand out.  But how?

Do I want a hallway table so people can put their keys etc on or a bench where one can sit down to take their shoes on and off.

Do I want a mirror to check myself out before I head out the door or a stunning picture?

What do I want my focal point to be?

What type of look did I want?  Traditional?  Funky?  Transitional?

Another hard question was what color do I want on the walls?  Gray?  Beige? Greige?  Simply White?  Simply White is Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year after all.  Click here to read BM Color of the Year 2016.  Why am I considering beige???  Click here to read Is beige coming back? 2016 Color Trends

After looking at and collecting paint chips for a week, there are certainly more than 50 shades of gray I’ve noticed!!!!  You can see the paint chips on the new entryway table and some paint sampling going on, on the wall.














After hours of looking at paint colors google & Pinterest, looking at samples of rooms on Houzz AND too many trips to the paint store for MORE paint chips, the decision was made very quickly, very simply.  I asked my husband to move the door bell box from the accent wall.  Sure he said.  No problem. Well, the challenge is when you buy a fixer upper, nothing is easy.  He couldn’t find where the wiring goes to and thus it’s not a quick fix to move the box like I had hoped.  The box is in a really bad spot so it needs to be moved.  The wires have been taped up for another time.  So now I need a big picture to cover up the wires and where the box is supposed to go.

















Having to choose a big picture made my decision for the colors alot easier.  I was going back and forth between having a mirror or a picture.  The picture can make the space more stunning, the mirror is very functional.  My mirror isn’t stunning enough to be a focal point.

I choose a picture I already had.  The colors in the picture will complement the surrounding rooms and furniture.

entryway, in progress











Here’s my to do list:

  1. Select paint colors – done!
  2. Paint walls
  3. Clean grout & seal hallway tiles
  4. Do accent wall on buffet wall  Bought paint!  Guess what I’m doing this week-end (lol)
  5. Paint the inside of the front door
  6. Put in new glass for front door & side window – sourcing suppliers – its an old door so the glass needs to be a custom order
  7. Buy 3 ceiling lights  Done & waiting to be installed
  8. Paint/finish new entrance table
  9. Buy lampshades??  Deciding between 2 different sets of lamps

The list might seem formidable to some but like most people, I like working towards a deadline and it’s not that big of a space so it’s manageable. (There might be a few late nights!)

What color palette did I choose in the end?

Check in next week of the One Room Challenge, Week 6, to see the final reveal!

Click here to see all the other amazing designers/bloggers and their progress!  It’s very inspiring!



Debi Collinson is a Designer.  She renovates “fixer uppers” to flip or to rent.  She staged houses for 10 years. She has seen houses at their best and their worst. Debi passes on her knowledge to help people Add Value to their Home while making their home a stunning retreat at the same time.

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