How to Make A Dump Truck Light!

A dump truck light!

For one of my design classes, our assignment was to design a light for under $10. At first, I thought, how am I ever going to do this for under $10.00? So I put my creative thinking cap on, searched images on Google, brainstormed with a buddy, and came up with this….

Our youngest son who was 4 at the time loved everything trucks. What 4 year old boy doesn’t love trucks. So I made him this dump truck light for less than $10.00 using a Tonka truck that I had as a hand-me-down, also hand-me-down DUPLO.  The only thing I needed to buy was the light from Ikea for $6.00 which fit into my $10.00 budget perfectly!


We measured a hole that would fit the light fixture minus the light bulb and marked the spot accordingly and cut it out.


I used a lamp I bought from Ikea for $6.00  Before you cut, make sure the lamp will fit the hole.


I added duplo because of the big colorful sizes.


Put the light in the hole, add the bulb, shade and duplo, and you have yourself a dump truck light.


My son ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT and had it for years until he grew out of it.

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When he grew out of it, I redid his room in a Sk8Park theme. Click here to see his new room!

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