How to make a Dump Truck Light for under $10.00

How to make a Dump Truck Light for under $10.00

For one of my design classes, our assignment was to design a light for under $10.  At first, I thought, how am I ever going to do this for under $10.00?  So I put my creative thinking cap on, searched images on Google (this was before Pinterest) brainstormed with my hubby, and came up with this….

Our youngest son who was 4 at the time loved everything trucks.  What 4 year old boy doesn’t love trucks.  So I (we) made him this dump truck light for less than $10.00  We already had this Tonka truck as a hand-me-down, also hand-me-down duplo, and the only thing I needed to buy was the light from Ikea for $6.00

truck light, before

















My not-so-handy hubby (lol) drew a circle first for the size and placement of the hole.  Next he cut a circle in the truck.  See?  Anyone can do this.











I bought a lamp from Ikea for $6.00










Just add duplo.  I used duplo blocks as opposed to lego because of their large size it made it easier to see them in the truck.


Annoucing…A Dump Truck Light!

truck light, front image










It’s so easy to do.  You can find the items either around your house or at a thrift store and create an amazing light for under $10.00

My son?  He LOVED it.  He still uses it even though he’s older now.

What light can YOU make for under $10.00?


Debi Collinson is a Designer.  She renovates “fixer uppers” to flip or to rent.  She staged houses for 10 years. She has seen houses at their best and their worst. Debi passes on her knowledge to help people Add Value to their Home while making their home a stunning retreat at the same time.

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  1. So….where are the details? How did you get the lamp to stay attached to the truck? Did you have to cut the cord at all? Any glue involved?

    1. Hi Kevin. Take a look at my full post. There is a close up picture of the hole of the dump truck that will explain the details. It is quite wide and I just put the lamp without the lamp shade and light bulb through the hole. The lamp is loose from the truck – they’re not actually connected. The lamp sits on the dresser and the truck just sits on top of it. You need to make sure that you pick a lamp where the stem and bulb part is not too wide and you need to make sure the whole is wide enough that you can get the lamp through. The cord is put towards the back of the dresser and is hidden from sight. No glue. It’s pretty simple. If you want you can get a base to put the lamp and truck on but I choose not too. I hope that helps.

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