How To Get Rid of Big Furniture when Selling Your House

How Can you Get Rid of Big Furniture & Items?

A very common question I frequently get asked by clients is where can I get rid of old furniture. that is not needed for staging.  Especially furniture that is in good condition but dated. Large furniture items are the most challenging to dispose of due to sheer size.

There are alot of options to dispose of big furniture pieces but it takes time to figure this portion out so its best to start early, do your homework and not leave it to the last minute.

Ways to get rid of your old furniture?

1. Friends & Family

Perhaps some of your friends & family, or their friends, would be happy to take things off your hands. Quickly checking around may save you a ton of work of trying to offload your stuff elsewhere if this option works.

2. Garage or Yard Sale

The first and most obvious choice is a garage or yard sale. If you have accumulated alot of items that you don’t need for staging purposes, and that you’re not taking with you, depending on your time and the time of year, a yard sale would be a good option to get rid of alot of stuff quickly. Garage sales are notorious for buyers to nickle and dime you in their negotiating tactics, but it can work if you just want to offload your stuff quickly. If you have some higher-end pieces of furniture or china etc that you’re hoping to get more money than what you would get from a garage sale, try some of the other alternatives listed below.

3. Estate Sales

If you have alot of furniture that you are not taking with you to your next home, then an estate sale may be a good option for you.  There are a number of companies that will for a fee or percentage of the sale, come in, assess prices on your furniture, set up the sale including promoting the sale, bring in staff and run the entire sale. Some people have had great success with estate sales, where others thought it wasn’t worth the effort for the amount of money they received for their furniture in the end.

If you’re doing a major clear out of furniture, you may want to do the estate sale after the house is sold since the furniture may be used for staging.  It’s best to contact a realtor first to have them bring in a stager to assess what furniture they would use and what should go before you sell it all off.

4. Selling on Social Media

With social media so popular now, its alot easier to sell unwanted furniture yourself.  Marketplace on Facebook, Letgo, and Kijiji are just a few popular sources where people are able to sell their stuff.  Beware when you have strangers come into your home.  You may want to have another person with you just to be safe.  Check out items that are like yours to see what your asking price should be.

5. Family/friends

Check with family & friends to see if they want to take anything off your hands.  They might want some or know of someone who may need furniture.  One person I know setting up their new home was able to get quite a bit of furniture off a friend of a friend who was downsizing.

6. Women’s Shelters/Low-Income Support Groups

Women’s shelters, organziations working with refugees & low-income families are always looking for furniture to help their clients get established again. Contact the organziations in your area to see what they need.

7. Non-Profit Organizations

Not for profit organziations like Habitat for Humanity Restore, Diabetes Foundation, Kidney Foundation etc. are looking for good quality items they can sell in their not-for-profit stores to earn money to support their organziation.  Most of them will actually pick up your items for free but there typically is a 2-3 week window for a pick-up date so you need to plan ahead.

8. Thrift Stores

Alot of thrift stores, take furniture that is in good condition.  Depending on the size of the store, its best to call to see if they can take your items before you drop them off.  Some of these stores are even getting full of large older and bigger sized furniture sets since smaller houses and condos can’t take these pieces either.  Some thrift stores will pick up larger pieces.  Again you need to plan ahead.

9. Pianos

Pianos are a bit more of a challenge to get rid of.  Ask your adult children if they want the family piano.  If not, you can contact schools or churches to see if they want a piano.  Unless its a fancy grand piano, you can’t expect much money if any, for an old upright piano.  Unfortunately upright pianos are a dime a dozen now as portable Keyboards has replaced the upright pianos. You’re lucky if someone would be willing to pick it up and carry it away for free.  Placing an ad in Kijiji or Marketplace advertising a free piano will hopefully attract a person willing to take it off your hands.

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