From Boring to a Beautiful Blue Buffet!

dresser, before 2

From Boring to a Beautiful Blue Buffet!

Several years ago, I bought this dining room set because we had just moved into our second fixer upper and needed a “real” set.  I raced over to the house where it was for sale.  I kind of liked it, hoping it would grow on me, but I bought I bought it because (1) we needed a dining room set AND (2) it was a great price. Hard to say no!

So I lived with it for years but decided, enough is enough!  It’s too dated and didn’t show well in our home.  So off I went to Home Depot, bought a can of paint, and here’s the transformation.

I bought a beautiful shade of Bher’s blue Furniture & Cabinet paint in a matt finish. I can’t find the paint can.  I don’t remember the color (grrr) I’m really trying to track it down as I want to paint the inside of my front door the same color.

The first step was to sand using fine grit sand paper (120).

Next I rolled the big spaces using a roller and fluffy lint free rollers.  I’ve always used foam rollers but wasn’t crazy about the look and found them cumbersome.  The sales associate said to try these to get the “no brush” look.  He was right!!!


dresser, in stages 2














Next I painted the detailed inserts using a foam brush being careful not to put too much paint on and to catch any drips.  I needed 2 two coats in total.


dresser, in stages




























This is the new look without wax.  A friend was amazed at the “no paint brush” look too.  I’m hooked on those lint free fluffy rollers.  Next step was the wax.









I wanted to protect the wood so I used Miniwax Wood Finish in Jacobean.  Jacobean is one of my favorite finishes – love the look.









I rubbed on the wax with a cloth for a slightly aged look.









Then wiped most of it off.  I like the darker sheen that it created.

I kept the same hardware because it was in good shape and I really thought it suited the piece.



dresser, before 2









dresser, after














I love it!  What do you think?


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