Converting a Closet into a Shower! – ORC Week 3

Converting a Closet into a Shower! – ORC Week 3

In the fall of 2015, I joined almost 200 Designers/Bloggers in the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling It Home where we have 6 weeks to transform a room of our choice from boring to stunning! I picked our Master Bedroom & En-suite because it was, quite frankly, dated,boring and I so desperately wanted a change.  But at week 4, I ran into a major set-back with our popcorn ceiling which left me with no choice but to switch to another room for the remainder of the challenge. Was I discouraged?  Yes!  Defeated?  No!!!  I’m back in the spring of 2o16 and transforming our Master Bedroom again! BUT this time, I added our en-suite into the mix.  Why not???

This week, week 3 into our challenge, I will focus on our ensuite.  We did both the bedroom and en-suite renovations at the same time (NOT recommended)!

When was the last time you saw a mustard yellow toilet and sink? Exactly!!! Don’t get me wrong, I like the color mustard yellow but for bathroom fixtures, it’s got to go!!!
Master Ensuite Makeover















It’s embarassing how long we actually lived with our en-suite with yellow fixtures.  The master bedroom & en-suite should be on the top 5 rooms to renovate/decorate because it’s your retreat.  Your get-away from it all.  But in our case, it’s one of the rooms noone sees, so it was last on the priority list.
Converting a closet to a shower!











Here’s a look at the existing bathroom (left opening) and the former closet (right opening.)















Here’s the old clothes closet.
Converting a Closet to a Shower!














Another look at the clothes closet.
Converting a Closet to a Shower!














And the wall comes tumbling down….
Converting a Closet to a Shower!









Bang!  The removal of the wall changes everything!  It really opens up the space and makes a teeny tiny bathroom a little bit bigger!


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NO More Popcorn Ceiling Reveal!



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  1. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next, this is exciting! I agree, you know, I think the same way, the ensuite bathroom is hidden away, no one sees it , except me and I can do without having a fancy one…but you’re right, it’s for yourself and should be seen as a retreat to enjoy! Thank you so much for linking up at Sweet Inspiration #3! Happy Saturday!

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