2022 Kitchen Color Cabinet Trends

The kitchen is the hub of the home.  It’s where the action is. And let’s face it.  It’s where most parties end up. It’s where the kids do their homework. It’s where we gather at the end of our work day & school day for the kids. Since we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it’s important that we have kitchens that are not only functional, but they need to reflect our style and also be on trend.

Just like every design trend, kitchen cabinets also change in color and style.  Wood cabinets are trending but their style is sleeker and lighter in color than the cabinets of the 70’s and 80’s.

Two-toned Kitchen Cabinets

Two-toned kitchen cabinets have been very popular in the last couple of years and their popularity is continuing to rise.  They not only look classy, they are a great way to break up a whole room of cabinets in one solid color giving the kitchen more interest.

The way the two-toned kitchens look vary from kitchen to kitchen.  A popular trend is to have the centre island in a completely different color than the rest of the kitchen.  One color on the upper cabinets, and another color on the lower cabinets is also very popular.  A third trend is to have a whole wall of cabinets as in a long pantry a different color than the rest of the kitchen. 

This two toned kitchen above shows contemporary high gloss white uppers & lowers, complimented by greige wood grain pantry for variety & interest. Photo: Via biglarkinyan.ca

Neutral Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Neutral colors is a go to and safe color for most homeowners.  Neutral kitchen cabinet colors is no exception to this favorite choice. Whether it be wood or white, both of these kitchen cabinets are the top trend for kitchen cabinet choices whether you’re renovating your house to live in, or preparing your house to sell.


Photo: HouseBeautiful.com

White kitchens are a classic.  They look refreshing and inviting.  However, the white on white on white trend of white cabinets, white counter and a white backsplash is changing.  Too much white! With wood trending in kitchens, white kitchens are getting a fresh update with wood counter or wood shelving replacing white cabinets in places. 

Backsplashes and kitchen flooring are also popular areas to mix up the former favorite white + white + white choice with a different color or pattern.

Our white kitchen to the right is a classic white style, but the long subway tile backsplash, and the complimentary pretty countertop gives this kitchen the interest and variety needed to keep this kitchen from being bland.


Wood kitchen cabinets are back!!!  But fortunately, they’re totally updated and much more sophisticated than the cabinets we saw in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. They bring warmth to a kitchen and make it very inviting.  Wood kitchen cabinets is a very popular choice right now to tone down some of the other popular colors.  You will frequently see wood cabinets paired with white, blue, black and less frequently, with green cabinets.

Bold Kitchen Cabinet Colors


Photo: pinkpeppermintdesign.com

Blue kitchen cabinets is a trend that has been around for a few years.  Blue kitchen cabinets has been a favorite for years whether its a pretty aqua, a popular navy blue, or another shade of blue. You would find them in urban houses as well as vacation homes, but the trend for blue kitchens is steering away from urban houses with the focus of vacation homes near waterfront.

Black or Charcol Gray

Black kitchen cabinets is the latest and boldest trend for kitchen cabinet colors this year.  Either you like them or you hate them but you must admit, they do look sexy.

You like black kitchen cabinets but want to tone it down a bit?  No problem.  Have black kitchen cabinets as lower cabinets, and wood cabinets or shelving as uppers. It softens the look and is very trendy.  Another option would be black cabinets, and white uppers or a white pantry for example.  Black kitchens are very popular right and are gaining in popularity.  This is a trend to watch for sure but I suspect it will be around for a while.

If you find black to dark, a dark gray or charcol may be more to your liking and its a new trend to watch!

Picking the right color for your kitchen is not just about choosing a color you like. You also need to take into consideration the fixed elements of your kitchen like the backsplash, countertop, wall color, and yes, even the flooring.


Need help choosing the right cabinet color?

Choosing the right paint color for your kitchen cabinets can be stressful. And painting your kitchen cabinets is alot more trickier than painting a flat wall in a room. You want to get it right the first time. My Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color e-design takes into consideration your fixed elements in the space such as your backsplash, countertop, paint color and furnishings. With this information, I provide you with 2 different options of paint color for your kitchen. Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color e-design


Photo: via Country Living Magazine

Green tends to be one of the colors that you can’t live without or you can’t live with.  Some people have a lot of their house decorated in various shades of green, whereas others leave the color green for the plants.  For those that love green, green kitchen cabinets is all the rage.  Ranging from light green to dark green and every shade in between.  A common cabinet color choice that is trending with green is wood.  You could have wood uppers, or wood shelves to break up some of that green.

Move Over Gray – Greige is taking over!

Greige is taking over the gray trend that has been around for years.

Mid-gray kitchens have been the number one color choice among homeowners for many, many years and still is the number one choice for some.  But as with any trend, it has a shelf life and it looks like the shelf life for gray is about to expire, or in some parts of the country, as already expired. You still like gray, try a warm gray or also known as greige instead. 

Mid gray is on its way out! Light gray is still in but its typically mixed with another color like a charcoal gray island or pantry to break up the all gray look. Softer warmer greige is a better choice if you’re leaning towards the gray tones and want a one toned kitchen.

Dark gray as in charcoal gray cabinets are coming in style but they are a lighter version of the black kitchen trend that is sprouting up everywhere right now.

Other Kitchen Trends You’ll See in 2022?

Two other trends that you will see emerge this year are long kitchen islands, sometimes up to 7′ long if you have the floor space in your kitchen. Double islands are also trending. Not sure if I’m enthusiast about this trend. Again you need lots of room in your kitchen to accommodate this trend. The other trend you will see this year, and one that surprised me, but we see the return of the kitchen garage to hide our appliances. Time will tell if these trends stick around for the long run or if they’re just passing through.


Kitchen color cabinet trends are similar if you’re renovating your kitchen to prepare your house for sale or renovating it to stay. Your choices may be different if your sole purpose is to sell your home for as much money as possible, whereas if you’re going to stay in your home for the next 10+ years, you may make different choices depending on your own personal preferences as opposed to trying to please potential buyers.

A kitchen can date a house faster than any other area in a house.  If you’re looking at selling your house within 1 – 5 years, DON’T put in a design trend in your home that is on its way out! Choose one of the newer trends that are appropriate for your neighborhood and price range to ensure that it will be popular for years to come.

If you’re thinking of selling your house within the next few years, you may want to take into consider the color and type of kitchens that are trending in your neighborhood to appeal to what potential buyers want in your area and are willing to pay for.  A GREAT indication of what the current kitchen color cabinet trend is to check out what is going on in YOUR neighborhood with regards to house renovations and new house builds. Go to Open Houses and check out listings online.  Looking at what the builders and homeowners are putting into new houses, AND also just as important, what they are NOT putting into houses.  A GREAT indication of what the current kitchen color cabinet trend is in YOUR neighborhood.  Make sure your research is varied and not just one or two houses. Be careful to include houses in similar price ranges in similar neighborhoods in order to compare apples to apples.

Want a professional to help you choose your kitchen cabinet colors? You have some ideas but you’re not sure if it will go with the rest of your room or the adjoining family room. Check out my Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color e-design package here.


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  1. Thanks for this article. There are some great ideas here. Especially for the non-interior designers out there like me haha I am in the process of getting my kitchen cabinets painted. And I want to make sure I do a color that is not only in trend but will stay in style for a while. I think Greige is the perfect option. It’s neutral enough it will go perfect with the rest of my house. Thanks!

    1. Hi Rachel – Greige is popular but if you’re painting your kitchen cabinets, you also need to take into consideration the fixed elements in your kitchen like the countertop, backsplash and flooring. You can either pick up one of these colors from a fixed element, or choose a co-coordinating color. Good luck!

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