Are your light switches & wall plates up to date?

Are your light switches & wall plates up to date?

Updated: August 3, 2020

Small details like light switches can make a big difference to the value of your home.

When a potential buyer walks into a home, the light switches are very visible.  They are one item that can set the “tone” for the home.  Meaning, if they are dated, it gives an appearance that the home is dated.  If they are current, then people will not notice because the current style is the norm.

80’s light switches & wall plates screams “dated house” to potential buyers. You need to switch them (no pun intended) to a newer look before selling your home.

Updating your light switches & wall plates is one relatively low cost improvement that you can do for your home that will increase its value.


Dated light switches can make an entire room look datedTop-5-Inexpensive-Renovations-Sell-a-House-Add-Value-to-your-home


Change dated wall covers. For such a small cost, it will greatly increase the value of your home and modernize the look beyond your expectations.

As a home owner you may prefer decorative light plate covers but they can date an entire room.  It can either confirm to a potential buyer that the home is dated and turn them off, or it may make them offer a lower price.

In starter homes and mid-range homes, white large paddle light switches  & wall covers are very popular today. Dimmers and timers on light switches are also popular choices for creating ambience in a room.

Trends in Light Switches & Wall Plates


There are a lot more options for light switches & plate covers than there use to be.  These two options are very sleek & contemporary found in condos, upscale town homes & detached houses.

White square paddle and brushed nickel wall plate are both available at the big box stores.  Have some fun with selecting light switches & wall plates.

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